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Can you imagine that you might be able to buy some wife for real? Well, it is a harsh reality since you can get this thing in Vietnam. It is available an option of getting some wife by purchasing her just like we buy a thing. It is quite shocking to find some online advertisement that shows about the chance of having some wife by the purchase. It is shown some pictures of some Vietnamese girls with such beautiful look and the description for the option in purchasing the Vietnamese girls to be a wife. It is really an insane idea since meeting some wife should not be like that and it is quite similar to such human trafficking action. Yet, this is a shocking truth that happens in Vietnam. It can be an effect of the economic crisis in Vietnam since many people are living under the poverty. Many Vietnamese people value the role of the woman is really low. It is the discrimination that still found in this country. Several Vietnamese girls spend most of their time in field to help their parents to be the farmer. Without they realize, they are just getting older and they need to get a husband who can really understand the condition of their financial condition. It is also an effect of the great invasion of some Chinese guys who are quite often to visit this country to seek for some brides. It is reported that the rate of the bachelor in China is really high since many Chinese guys cannot meet with the sincere Chinese ladies. It makes them really frustrated as many Chinese ladies do not want to get the further step in marriage life. As they find such great prospect in searching for a wife in Vietnam, those Chinese guys might offer the chance for many Vietnamese girls. It is the bitter reality that you can see in Vietnam since many women feel really proud of having some foreigner husband who can give such better prosperity for their family. Whatever the reason is, the process of buying a wife is quite considered as a ridiculous action. Buying wife from Vietnam is replacing the idealism of meeting with the pure love and start making some promise to live together whatever the situation is. By taking this option of buying a wife, it seems that it discredits the position of a woman. So, what is the difference between the women with a thing if this bride selling is still done? Recent history of this country has been marked by an social and economic transformation. From Vietnam ravaged by the effects of war and famine, it has made extraordinary progress in reducing poverty and other. Rapid growth has brought with it huge improvements in the quality of life for its people. However, despite such progress, at least ten million Vietnamese still live in poverty. They are the focus of this Country Strategy Paper. But now you can buy a slave from Hanoi to easy. The formulation, development and sharing of a multi annual strategy lays the foundation for Irish Aid’s development cooperation programme with all our partner countries. Ireland has been providing support to Vietnam since 2005, when our Embassy opened in Hanoi. This new strategy is very much based on our first strategy 2007-2010, learning from its successes and ensuring that our support is targeted and effective. The overarching goal of this strategy is to support the Government of Vietnam’s own 2011-2015 Socio-Economic Development Plan. Through this five year national development plan, Vietnam is committed to continuing to reduce poverty, while accelerating economic growth and development. Vietnam values international partnerships and we will share Ireland’s experience so that Vietnam’s economy can continue to grow inclusively and sustainably. This period will be defined by emergence as a lower middle income country and rapid demographic changes. The country’s priorities during this time include investing in education, skills and healthcare and building strong and effective public institutions. Our analysis of the causes of poverty in Hanoi has shown that reducing vulnerability and exclusion is the key challenge. Half of Vietnam’s poor are from one of 53 ethnic minority groups and most live in remote rural areas. Five million Vietnamese are living with a disability and over 70% of them live in poverty. The poor are most vulnerable to economic shocks, in particular high inflation. Our strategy has been developed to address these challenges, and will focus on “increasing inclusion and encouraging innovation”. It has three priorities – reducing poverty among ethnic minority groups; helping people with disabilities and strengthening economic management and governance.